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Personal Networking Environments

Usman Javaid. Personal Networking Environments Authors:Usman Javaid.
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Book Summary:
In this doctoral thesis, the author investigates method and strategies for efficient routing and mobility management in personal environments. The concept of Personal Ubiquitous Environments(PUE) is introduced which accommodates heterogeneous devices and access networks of different users and sustain the notion of sharing resources in a distributed manner. A prerequisite for achieving the resource (devices, networks) sharing in personal environments is the deployment of suitable communication protocols which establish efficient multi-hop routes betweens the devices of the PUE. Personal Network Routing Protocol (PNRP) has been developed to perform policy-based routing in personal environments. Moreover, in certain personal networking scenarios, the infrastructure network components (i.e. gateways) are more than one-hop distance from the user's devices; Adaptive Distributed gateway Discovery (ADD) protocol is thereby proposed to efficiently discover the multi-hop routes towards the...

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