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Designing ATM Switching Networks

Mohsen Gluzani, Ammars Rays. Designing ATM Switching Networks Authors:Mohsen Gluzani, Ammars Rays.
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Book Summary:
No matter what your ATM question, Designing ATM Switching Networks has the answer. In this comprehensive new guide from two leading experts, you'll find complete, topnotch help with every step in the design, selection, and application of ATM switching inbroadband networks. Clearly written and fully illustrated, this book offers step-by-step guidance on maximizing performance in any network environment, efficiently managing traffic and capacity, analyzing and comparing routing schemes, selecting commercial switches, clearing up bottlenecks in LANs and WANs, reducing cell loss and cell error probability, and a great deal more. With appendixes featuring reviews of network modeling, queuing theory, self-similarity, and simulation tools, this book is the professional's first choice for across-the-network, knowledgeable, up-to-date, and easy access ATM guidance. A volume in the McGraw-Hill Computer Communications Series.

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