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Practical Network Cabling

Frank Derfler, Les Freed. Practical Network Cabling Authors:Frank Derfler, Les Freed.
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Book Summary:
Practical Network Cabling is an excellent reference if you need to learn network cabling or need a unified source of information on any network cabling scheme. This book provides clear and straightforward text explaining all types of network cabling issues from specification to installation to ongoing maintenance. A highlight of this book is the superb quality of the illustrations showing various cable types and connectors. After reading this book you will be able to design the right cabling systemfor LANs or WANs of any size or complexity, identify all types of cabling and connectors and their advantages and disadvantages, specify the right quality and type of cables and connectors for a given application, install wiring, connectors, closets, terminators, of any cabling type, and prevent, troubleshoot, and fix cabling problems.

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