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Network You Way to Success

Charles D.A. Ruffolo. Network You Way to Success Authors:Charles D.A. Ruffolo.
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Book Summary:
Network Your Way to Success Charles Ruffolo's guide to the power of Networking Charisma is generally difficult to transfer to the printed page, unless, of course, you are Charles "Ruf" Ruffolo, MPA, the self-proclaimed NetworKING, a Professional Networker, Speaker and Trainer known for his inimitable style and wildfire networking events held throughout the Netherlands. Ruffolo's first book, Network Your Way to Success, which he wrote with author and public relations consultant Shirley Agudo, bothof whom are natives of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a basic but complete guide to the complete networking, A to Z... and then some, with a strong infusion of his infectious charisma. Based on Ruffolo's very convincing premise that anyone can and everyone should and everyone already does network, he illuminates the whys, wherefores and wisdom of the power of networking for life. In an entertaining way, Ruffolo utilizes personal anecdotes from his wayward youth, 20-year military...

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